These are easy to sell, no return and constantly updated products that don’t have shipping and provide you a constant growing income if advertised properly. Becoming an affiliate has never been easier, simply sign up and we will send you personalised URLs that you can share with the world through social media, adverts, anchor text and direct mail.

The transaction process is actually very simple. Once you sign up to Iconplus as an affiliate you will be sent a unique URL. This URL communicates with our affiliate program and registers that ‘John Smith’ sent ‘Jane Bloggs’ to Iconplus through your unique link.

If that person that you sent to the Iconplus website with your dedicated link then makes a purchase, our affiliate program will assign you as the referrer of that account. We store all your sales on your dedicated dashboard, you just need to send people to our website and make extra money. You can constantly control your sales on your dashboard in the Iconplus website so you know what you will earn transparently all the time.
Unlike other affiliate programs where you receive a one off commission, ours work differently, Iconplus will pay you every 15. day of the month all the commission that is accumulated in your account in the previous full  month. Over time this will enable you to develop a residual income that could prove to be quite substantial as the number of referrals you send to us increases.
We want to make being an affiliate both rewarding and motivational, this is why we offer a generous entry-level commission of 20% per month and an elite affiliate will earn themselves up to 40% per month commission.

Affiliate Levels

Standard: Sales per Month = 0 – 499 (20% Commission)

Elite: Sales per Month = 500 – 999 (25% Commission)

Partner: Sales per Month = 1,000+ (40% Commission)

At the end of the month your sales will be calculated and you will receive the after tax commission percentage calculated according to the limits mentioned above.

Demotion will occur if you attempt to manipulate the system in order to jump levels, we shall do this at our own discretion.

Here’s an example; Jane sells 300 icons in January: She gets 20% commission after tax at February 15

Jane sells over 1000 icons in February: She upgrades and gets 40% after tax at March 15

She will get the same commission on every 15th day of the month as long as she sells at the same affiliate quota levels in the previous month. It is that simple.

% 20

  • Sales per Month
  • 0 – 499
  • (20% Commission)
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% 25

  • Sales per Month
  • 500 – 999
  • (25% Commission)
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% 40

  • Sales per Month
  • 1,000+
  • (40% Commission)
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Being an affiliate is no different to being your own boss except it’s far easier to get going. Being an affiliate enables you to focus on sales rather than all other aspects involved in running a company. This allows you to focus on making money whilst we do all the back office stuff.

Unlike a traditional sales role where you have to book meetings and hard sell people into making a purchasing decision, being an affiliate is completely different. If you can use social media, send emails, create videos, blog or create your own website, then you qualify to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing enables you to simply share a link with someone and all it takes is a single click for the sales and commission process to begin. There is no easier way to create a career for yourself.
Being an Iconplus affiliate doesn’t stop there. Successful affiliate marketers will receive other added bonuses such as vouchers, awards, exclusive networking opportunities and much more.

So what are you waiting for?



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